With tens of thousands of visits every month and a fast growing community of readers, LatamIsrael (www.latamisrael.com) has become the most important and influential Israeli media in Spanish, related to Israeli tech & innovation, reaching Latin America, Spain, US and Israel readers.

In a few months LatamIsrael reached an amazing growing trend that is recorded by the most important web measurable tools like Google’s PageRank , etc.


Latam Israel promotes the advancement of science and technology in Israel by telling stories about cool tech things happening here in Israel. Then LatamIsrael is much more than the media authority in Spanish about Israeli Hi-Tech; it also serves as a consulting firm to companies and investors looking for new technologies and tech partners in Israel, helps Israeli companies to increase their presence and visibility in Latin America, and helps Latam executives and projects to find technology partners, products and solutions in Israel.


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