BlueWhale is the new Israeli autonomous unmanned submarine.

autonomous unmanned submarine

Créditos de las imagenes: IAI.

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For the first time an Israeli-developed unmanned Submarine. BlueWhale is intended for covert intelligence-gathering operations, to detect submarines and gather acoustic intelligence.

An unmanned autonomous submarine is an underwater vehicle that moves underwater without the need for a human operator on board. These submarines can be controlled remotely by a human operator from a control center on the surface of the water or can be programmed to follow a predefined route autonomously.

Unmanned autonomous submarines are used in a variety of applications, including underwater exploration and mapping, scientific research, inspection and maintenance of underwater structures, maritime security, military surveillance and reconnaissance, and search and rescue in emergency situations. of emergency.

The large AUV has successfully conducted thousands of hours of submerged and autonomous operation.

BlueWhale uses radar and electro-optical systems, fitted to a telescopic mast, to detect sea and coastal targets. It is also equipped with dedicated sonars to enable the detection of both manned and unmanned submarines, and map mines on the seabed.

A special sensor suite ensures safe transit for the submarine both below and in the proximity of the sea surface.

Unmanned autonomous submarines offer a number of advantages over manned submarines, such as the ability to operate for long periods of time without the need for supplies, and the elimination of risk of crew injury or death in dangerous situations.

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