Coronapp is a New App with Information and Support Regarding the COVID-19 Outbreak.

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Image Credits: appstore screencapture.

The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with Belong Life Company, launched today an application that provides information and support regarding the Coronavirus called “CoronApp.”

The application includes information on how to protect against the Coronavirus, current messages, and updates directly from the Ministry of Health’s operations room, paths of exposure to the virus, home isolation reporting, and guidance regarding isolation and communities for support, and strengthening.

The application is available for download at the application stores.

Belong Life isa social network for illness management. The network has Hundreds of thousands of members in illness management support groups. Now, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the company’s platform will be used to gather all the information published by the Ministry, guide, and assist in dealing with exposure to the virus.

Esti Shelly, Digital Health Manager at the Ministry of Health: “Digital tools are an integral part of our ability to deal with the outbreak of the virus in Israel. The Ministry of Health is cooperating with the strong ecosystem of digital health companies in Israel. I would like to thank Belong for its quick response in joining and cooperating with us.”

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