Interception Capabilities into anti-drone system.

(IAI) and Iron Drone today announced that they have entered a collaboration agreement for the integration of interception capabilities into its advanced anti-drone system.

====== AVISO IMPORTANTE! ======



The intercepting drone can be launched during day or night from a docking station that hosts several ready-to-use drones.

Several intercepting drones can be launched simultaneously to address several targets or swarms.

Anti-drone system.

The collaboration agreement and the integration of interception capabilities create a specialized solution for a broad range of threats.

The integration has been tried, proven, and demonstrated in several pilots and is now being marketed to customers.

The use of drones has increased significantly in recent years with legitimate use accompanied by the growing use of drones by terror and crime organizations.

Due to their small size and slow, low-altitude flight, drones pose a threat to sensitive facilities, mass gatherings, VIPs, and other aircraft, as well as to other aspects of homeland defense.

Drones can be used also for other purposes such as intelligence collection, smuggling, and even carrying ammunition. Hence the need for a multi-layer, integrated solution that provides full protection against all types of threats.