Autonomous Electric Vehicle

The Formula Technion Team Presents Its First-Time Autonomous Electric Vehicle

Créditos de las imagenes: Nitzan Zohar, Technion spokesperson's office.

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After winning last year’s Israeli Formula Race, the team is preparing for the European Formula Student Competitions, which will be taking place this summer.

On Wednesday (June 22, 2022), the Formula Technion team unveiled its new car. For the first time, in view of the upcoming summer 2022 motor racing season, the team presented an autonomous electric vehicle (A-EV).

The Formula Technion project was established in 2012 in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and has grown steadily since.

Today, the project is open to students from a variety of faculties at the Technion, who work together to build the car that competes in the Formula Student competitions in Europe.

First-Time Autonomous Electric Vehicle.

To date, the cars built by the Formula Technion teams have met with great success in these competitions, and now, the team is presenting its first-ever A-EV.

Muans Omari, currently leader of the team, commented: “The car world of today is shifting to electric and autonomous vehicles, and the Formula Student competitions have embraced this trend. In the new car we have just unveiled, we expressed the tech revolution through a change of color, from red/black to blue, white, and light grey, colors that today stand for electric propulsion.

Making the transition from an internal combustion engine to an electric propulsion system is far from easy and took a lot of work and learning. But we believe in our chances of achieving good results in the upcoming competitions, which will be taking place in Germany and Spain.”

The Technion team won first place.

The Formula Student competition is a platform for new technological developments. Teams are tested and their performance is rated based on a combination of engineering challenges plus driving skills demonstrated on the track.

The goal of the project is to enable engineering students – and students in other fields – to acquire practical knowledge in planning as well as manufacturing, and in this way, to prepare them for professional life.

Last year, following travel restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, the first Israeli Formula Student Race was held, with the participation of the Technion, Tel Aviv University, and Ben-Gurion University. The Technion team won first place.

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